Operation Round Up

What is Operation Round UP?

Tri-County EMC does more than provide power to its members; we embrace and give back to our community, and it’s not just our employees who give back. Approximately 95% of Tri-County EMC members have opened up their hearts and are part of our Operation Round program that donates a small amount of change each month to benefit individuals and non-profit organizations in our service territory.

The average amount rounded up in a year is $6 per member. The maximum amount anyone will contribute is $11.88 in a year (99¢ × 12 months). The money raised is placed with the Tri-County EMC Foundation, which is governed by volunteer co-op members who serve on the board of directors and review grant requests. The RoundUP Board meets 4 times a year. Rounding up only applies to Rate 2 Residential Accounts.

Since the program began in September 2000, $2,489,883.43 has been given to individuals and non-profit organizations in need of assistance.

To apply for funds from Operation Round-Up, contact Deidra Grantham, Manager of Marketing and Communications at (919) 735-2611 or email Deidra Grantham.

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Operation Round Up Application For Individuals Operation Round Up Application For Organizations

Are You In?

RoundUP is completely voluntary, but for a very small amount of money you can do so much for those in need in our communities.

Check your bill and see if you are rounding up each month. If not, and you want to see your small change make a BIG difference, call us at (919) 735-2611 or email Customer Service, to sign up.