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Welcome to Tri-County EMC in North Carolina!

If you are moving to the Tri-County service area, please complete the form to set up your account or call our office at (919) 735-2611 or (800) 548-4869.

A deposit of up to $445 may be required to start service determined by a credit report and a membership fee of $5 to be paid at the time application for service is made.

Deposits may be waived only if an applicant has a satisfactory credit rating confirmed by online utility exchange or participate in our PrePay program. Co-signatures are also accepted in lieu of deposits, but only from a parent of the applicant. The parent co-signer must be an existing Tri-County EMC member, own their property and have a good payment history with the cooperative.

After applying for service, it normally takes one working day to have electricity connected. If the service is to a newly constructed home or requires some construction, a longer period of time will be required. All new construction accounts must have a final electrical inspection from the county before electricity can be provided.

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Disconnection Policy

Your electric service is subject to disconnection if your account has a previous unpaid balance. The previous unpaid balance must be paid within seven days of the billing date of your current bill or you will receive a disconnect notice. After receiving a disconnect notice your service can be disconnected at any time.


A $10 disconnect notice fee will be added to a member’s account if the bill is not paid by the due date.

Trip Charges

  • Regular working hours: $40 (Disconnect fee $20 and Reconnect fee $20)
  • After hours: $90 (Disconnect fee $20 and Reconnect fee $20 plus $50 after hours)

Meter Tampering

Unauthorized individuals who are found to be tampering with, have gained unauthorized access into metering equipment, tampered with electrical devices supplying power to metering equipment shall be prosecuted to the highest extent permissible by law. North Carolina General Statures, Chapter 14, Subchapter VI, Article 22, Section 114-151.1.

When meter tampering, equipment tampering or trespassing to gain access to Tri-County Electric Membership Cooperative owned equipment or easements is suspected or found, the member will be charged a $100 tampering fee and charged all costs associated with replacing or repairing damaged electrical equipment and other direct costs of restoring electrical service.

For tampering with a meter, the member will be charged the following fees:

  • Trip fee: $40
  • Tampering fee: $100 (each occurrence)
  • Law enforcement called on second incidence
  • Estimated electrical use
  • Any damages to facilities plus actual costs