Products & Services

Safe Guard Lighting

The co-op will install and maintain a 150 Watt High Pressure Sodium light in your yard to help provide safety and security year-round for $8.74 plus tax per month.

Street Lighting for Subdivisions

Street lighting is available for subdivisions on the cooperative system. A minimum number of lights is required. Our Engineering Department can assist with design and planning for special lighting projects.

Power Guard

Tri-County Power Surge Protection is a 2-stage program which includes a special meter base arrester along with a unique plug-in suppressor that is 6 times more powerful than locally available suppressors. The meter base arrester serves as the first stage and protects your large appliances and home. Sensitive electronics must have their own protection. Thus, the second stage is different plug-ins available to protect electrical, telephone, antenna and cable connections to your sensitive electronics. The special plug-in suppressors offered by Tri-County stop surges at the lowest level even at the highest test (3,000 amp impulse). For more information on power surge equipment and prices call (919) 735-2611 or (800) 548-4869.