Tri-County EMC Linemen Receive Training Certifications

(Left to Right): Timothy Wolfe, Landon Stroud, Lance Wise, Dwayne Skinner and Seth Wise.

Tri-County EMC, as a cooperative, operates according to a core set of principles that improve quality of life for our members as well as employees. The fifth principle, Education, Training and Information, provides members and employees the needed educational tools to effectively contribute to the development of the cooperative. Our very own lineman have recently completed hours of training to further enhance their skills and knowledge and were recognized at a safety dinner held on January 12 at the cooperative. Congratulations to the following crew members for receiving their training at Nash Community College:

Dwayne Skinner, Lance Wise, and Landon Stroud: Overhead Line Construction II and Underground Line Construction II.

Seth Johnson: Underground Line Construction II.

Timothy Wolfe: Advance Lineman Construction.